Are you tired of complex betting platforms?

Love betting but not a fan of complex logistics? Wagering shouldn't have to be
complicated. Rest assured, we make it as easy as possible. Our goal is to simplify the
process of betting through streamlined features exclusive to our platform. By allowing
users to hold funds for a wager, a bet can be executed anytime, anywhere, no
unnecessary effort needed. To ensure your peace of mind, WageringMe conducts all
fund transfers from one account to the other. In that, transfers are seamless, automatic

and quick.

Start Secure Batting

Create a wager, and let everyone know what it’s about. Since users are allowed to bet on anything, brief descriptions of individual wagers are highly encouraged as they help drive more traction.

Invite Friends

Once the first step is out of the way, make sure you choose a suitable expiration date. Remember, your wager, your rules!


After completing all the preliminaries tied to your bet, take a step forward and invite others to join the wager. Users have a massive playing field to their advantage, as our platform continues to welcome more betters by the day.